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daughter: i am still in need of help to send my 4 year old daughter to kindagarten boot

dawn76 started this conversation
i am still in need of help to send my 4 year old daughter to kindagarten boot camp this summer. She is behind and this will help be ready for kindagarten. It cost 240 dollars I got 120 but im still short the other half, please is there any one who could help or no any recources that could help me?
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bookworm2011   in reply to Builder1
Thanks so much, I would love to check this out. I have a small used bookstore so this would be a great organization to be able to help out and use.
I am thinking of doing another book and gift donation towards Christmas time as I did a few years ago. If I am able to raise enough in donations over the summer, I will use Aidpage to send books/gifts to kids at Christmas who otherwise will receive nothing.
thanks again,
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Builder1   in reply to bookworm2011
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dawn76   in reply to bookworm2011
she is having a hard time with her abc and 123s. she is very good at coloring and drawing she does excellent at that but she not doing very well in writing. thank you
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I am not able to help financially but I am a Teacher and can send you materials to help your daughter if your interested, tell me what area;s specically she needs help in.
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